Joel Edgerton Cast In Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

joel210Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby adaptation is filling its cast ranks with Joel Edgerton set to star as millionaire Tom Buchanan.

Already cast in the big screen adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s roaring Twenties-set literary classic are: Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, the mysterious millionaire of Long Island’s East Egg; Tobey Maguire as bond salesman Nick Carraway; Carey Mulligan as ‘flapper’ Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby’s object of affection; Isla Fisher as Myrtle, Tom’s mistress; and Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker, daisy’s longstanding best friend.

The role of Tom Buchanan was initially slated to go to Ben Affleck but the actor-turned-director had to leave the project due to scheduling conflicts with his Argo thriller, at which point Edgerton stepped into the breach.

Edgerton, last seen in Oscar-nommed Animal Kingdom but perhaps best known for his role opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor’s cross-dresser in Kinky Boots, will next be seen opposite Tom Hardy in boxing drama Warrior due for release later this year.

Fitzgerald’s classic has had the big, and small, screen treatment numerous times before, most notably British director Jack Clayton’s Francis Ford Coppola-scripted and Robert Redford-starring 1974 effort. This new interpretation though is sure to bring a renewed sense of vigour to the tale, the director behind Moulin Rouge set to bring his visual flair and energy to the show, which will be released in 3D too.