Joel Edgerton Plans A Felony

Joel Edgerton seems like he’s trying to cement his image as the face of Australian crime as he’s working on a new script called Felony.

He also plans to star in the movie which follows a decorated police officer accidentally hitting a cyclist. But the plot thickens as it turns out he’d been drinking after celebrating a successful drug bust with his colleagues and compounds the situation by deciding to lie about the incident.

Matthew Saville, who’s had some success with Australian TV dramas and films, will be the man behind the camera and it’s currently on sale at Cannes. If all goes according to plan, shooting will begin in October.

Edgerton’s been a busy man of late. After breaking out with Animal Kingdom and Warrior, he was last seen in The Thing and he’ll next crop up in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. After that, he’ll move on to The Odd Life Of Timothy Green and then Baz Luhrmann’s eagerly awaited version of The Great Gatsby (in 3D).

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