John Carney To Direct Dogs Of Babel

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of John Carney. The writer/director’s most famous film to date is Once, a musical drama starring Glen Hansard. His work also includes a comedy called Zonad and supernatural drama The Rafters. The films have received critical attention, but Carney has yet to work on a big budget film. It appears that he will be working a bigger project soon as he prepares to adapt Carolyn Parkhurt’s novel Dogs Of Babel for the big screen.

The story revolves around Paul Iverson, a linguistic professor who comes home one day to find his wife dead in the backyard of their home. Police declare the death an accident but Paul isn’t convinced and must try and get the real story by teaching the only witness, the couple’s dog, to speak.

eWhile the off-beat plot alone might not draw a blockbuster audience, it will feature Steve Carell as Iverson, which should garner some attention. Given Carney’s critical success with his smaller pictures, this might be the film that propels him into the Hollywood spotlight.