John Landis Making French Horror Movie

Who remembers Burke & Hare? No? Well that’s because it came out in October of last year. But it’s only just getting US release now so director John Landis has been out and about promoting it. Asked about new projects, he revealed that he’s working on a French horror movie.

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting Landis said, “”I’m writing it with Alexandre Gavras and we’re shooting it within the next two years in Paris. We know who’s gonna star in it, but this is all off the radar right now, so I can’t tell you. It’s interesting: the cast has to be bilingual because it’s being shot in French and English.”

Alexandre Gavras might not be a familiar name as he’s only directed two short films (one of which, The Killer Of Little Fishes won the top prize at the Brest Short Film Festival) but his father Costa-Gavras is more well known, having collaborated with Landis several times (he’s got a cameo in Burke & Harke for instance).

Landis has been rather quiet of late – Burke & Hare was his first film in 12 years, so it’s great to see that he’s still currently making films although dare we say it, the great days of The Blues Brothers and An American Werewolf In London seem to be behind him. Let’s hope he can conjure up some old magic then.