Johnny Vegas: Football Manager

Warren and family at home

From the writer of Men Behaving Badly and the production company behind Uncle, Gavin and Stacey, Mighty Boosh and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa comes Warren United.

Each week, Warren United will follow the fortunes of Warren Kingsley, an overweight kitchen salesman and fervent football fan, as he stumbles through life trying to juggle his two passions – football and family.

Warren, aged 37 and ½, is a fan for all seasons and a bloke of two halves: both a devoted husband and dad and a diehard fan of Brainsford United, a chronically struggling club, known to its long-suffering fans as “The Meringues.”

Warren is voiced by BAFTA award-winning Darren Boyd, (Spy, Alpha Papa). Nitin Ganatra (EastEnders) voices Dilip, Warren’s best friend, while Morgana Robinson (Vic and Bob’s House of Fools) voices Charlie, Warren’s sulky teenage daughter and Morwenna Banks (voice of Peppa Pig) voices Warren’s young son Harrison. Eleanor Lawrence (Common Ground) is Warren’s Dutch wife Ingrid and Georgie Glen (Waterloo Road) his young-at-heart mum.

Johnny Vegas voices Fat Baz, the manager of Brainsford United, while Jonathan Kydd and Bertie Portal voice two well-spoken but foul-mouthed police horses, who dispense their views on match-day issues.