Jonathan Ross Gets A Torvill & Dean Dance Lesson

Jonathan Ross British Comedy Awards

During the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show, which will be screened tomorrow night (Saturday 11th January), ice skating champions and Dancing on Ice mentors Torvill and Dean performed a special routine set to the Bolero – 30 years after their original routine won them a gold medal at the Olympics. The skaters also taught Jonathan Ross and guest Griff Rhys Jones a few skating moves…

Torvill and Dean are currently working on the ninth and final series of the ITV show Dancing on Ice. When asked why they are not carrying on with the series, Christopher said: “We’ve got to a point in our careers that we’ve been doing it for nine years, we think it’s been a fantastic part of our life, but it’s coming at the same time as 30 years since we performed Bolero in 1984 and we just thought it was a really significant time for us to just take it easy a little bit.” However, Christopher added, “I don’t think we’ll ever officially retire.”

Also on the show:

Karren Brady became the Managing Director of Birmingham City FC at the tender age of 23. She married one of the footballers on the team, Paul Peschisolido.

Jonathan asked: “Was that strange? Did you have to manage and finesse that?”
Karren said: “Not really for me, probably more so for him, but I sold him because I needed the money.”
Jonathan said: “How many women would love to be in that position with their husbands?”
“Karren joked: “Exactly, most women want to give their husbands away, I managed to get a few quid for mine.”

Griff Rhys Jones is probably best known for being one half of the comedy duo ‘Smith and Jones’. Sadly, Mel Smith passed away in July last year, and Griff told Jonathan about losing his friend and co-star.

Griff said: What happened was I’m at home in Suffolk and I can hear my wife in the next room, talking to somebody and she was saying, ‘Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, that’s very sad,’ and put the phone done. I thought, ‘Should I go out there?’ I thought, ‘It’s probably one of her elderly relatives,’ so I knew immediately something was up. I was so shocked by the news. It’s one of those things that affectively, a lot of people had said at various stages, ‘Wow, Mel, it’s a miracle you’ve lived to 40,’ that sort of thing went on a lot with Mel because he did live his life…but none of us expected it, it was a terrible shock, really awful.”

Aaron Eckhart is known for his role as District Attorney Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, the film in which he worked opposite Heath Ledger immediately before his untimely death.

Aaron is the star of the new movie I, Frankenstein. Jonathan commented of Aaron’s impressive six-pack which he shows off in the movie. “I’m 45 so I had to work hard. I had an Australian trainer. I said ‘Try to kill me’. I figured, if you’re going to have your shirt off in a worldwide movie you might as well go to the gym,” joked Aaron.

The Jonathan Ross Show, ITV, Saturday 11th January at 2130