Joseph Fiennes: Me as Merlin? why?

Joseph Fiennes has admitted that he was originally unsure about joining the cast of Camelot as legendary wizard, Merlin.

Speaking to Assignment X, the Shakespeare In Love star said: “When I was first offered this, I thought, ‘Merlin?’ And then, ‘Me [as] Merlin? Merlin’s [got a] big beard, staff and pointed hat, and why?’ It wasn’t how I felt I would be attracted to the partâ€?

But he went on to say that what did finally attract him was the “wonderful, Machiavellian rangeâ€? he saw in the character.

“I felt this man was not to be trusted [and] is full of duality,â€? he said. “I also wanted as an actor to have fun and discover the range. I wanted to tap into that.â€?