Joseph Gordon-Levitt For Dark Knight Rises?

JGL210In not entirely surprising news, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. Deadline are reporting that a reunion with director Christopher Nolan is on the cards, rumours of which have been circulating for ages but with fellow Inception star Tom Hardy joining the production as Bane, it looks even more likely.

But who will Levitt play in the series? Nolan has already ruled out the Joker (who, after all could replace Heath Ledger?) but there were some rumours of Levitt for the Riddler months ago (most of which was just wishful thinking we feel). But who else is left in the Batman-verse? Tom Hardy’s already down for Bane, we’ve already had Scarecrow (nicely done by Cillian Murphy) and Anne Hathaway landed the role of Catwoman last week (can’t really see JGL in skin-tight PVC anyway).

He’s not really big enough for Killer Croc and Nolan has previously stated that The Penguin is a silly character, so our next best guess would be Black Mask, a business rival of Bruce Wayne’s turned bad who was originally killed by Catwoman. That would tie in nicely with Hathaway’s character at least. Or leaving the villain theory aside, could this mark the appearance of Robin?

Guesses on a postcard please, we’ll keep you posted if anything becomes definite.