Josh Brolin On For Oldboy Remake

Josh Brolin has signed a deal which will see him star as the protagonist in the forthcoming Oldboy remake.

The script by I Am Legend‘s Mark Protosevich adapted from the 2004 screenplay by Park Chan Wook will see a man kidnapped while drunk one evening and then imprisoned for 15 years. Just as he’s about to escape, he’s mysteriously set free and he embarks on a mission to track down his captor and find the reason behind his imprisonment.

Weirdly enough the remake started off directed by Steven Spielberg with Will Smith in the lead role. Can you imagine? Between Spielberg’s desire to give every story a happy ending and Will Smith’s teeth-grindingly awful mugging and habitual wise-cracking, we’d be looking at one of the worst remakes ever (and I saw Sex & Zen 3D yesterday).

Brolin’s a much better choice for a lead but the idea of a Western remake is still quite puzzling. An offer’s also out to Christian Bale to play the antagonist but he’s yet to decide as he’s still busy clearing his throat repeatedly in The Dark Knight Rises.