Josh Trank For The Red Star

Since the rather brilliant teen super power flick Chronicle, Josh Trank has become the go-to man for comic adaptations. Sony are already after him to direct Venom, a stand-alone movie based on the Spider-Man villain of the same name and he’s also being courted to direct the Fantastic Four reboot. Now Warner Bros is on his tail to work on The Red Star, based on the award winning graphic novel set in sci-fi/mythic Russia.

Written by Christian Gossett, it’s set in an alternative USSR where technology and magic co-exist. Timur Bekmambetov was originally down to direct way back when Universal scored the rights in 2006 but he got caught up in developing Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and so Universal passed.

Now Jason Rothenberg, the man behind The Twilight Zone movie is on scripting duty and Warners are hoping that Trank has the chops to bring the graphic novel to life.