Josh Trank To Take On Venom?

Chronicle director Josh Trank is in talks to direct a stand alone film based on the adventures of Spider-Man villain Venom.

According to the LA Times, Sony have approached Trank with a view to bringing the drooling symbiotic villain to life on screen once again. Venom was seen in 2007’s Spider-Man 3 but in a film with way too much going on, he was badly sidelined (and frankly we could never seen Topher Grace as a credible villain in any case).

Venom has a large fan base and Sony have evidently reasoned that a large fan base equals a large audience and hence more guaranteed big bucks. Whether Trank can squeeze and entire film out of the slavering baddy remains to be seen though.

The idea’s gone through the wringer a few times already.  The first draft was written by Jacob Estes but Zombieland scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were brought in afterwards to do a re-write which eventually fell by the wayside. Hunger Games writer/director Gary Ross then took up the baton and pitched Venom as an anti-hero. Sony wisely ditched that idea too, so now they’re back to searching for a new writer.

Nothing’s for definite at this stage but wouldn’t a crack pairing be Max Landis with whom Trank worked so successfully on Chronicle? More word as we get it.