Julia Roberts For Evil Queen?

Julia210We’ve always suspected that beneath Julia Roberts’s friendly face lurks a monster with a heart as black as night. After all, she was in that Eat, Pray, Love nonsense last year which tarnished every mortal soul it came into contact with.

But now it seems that her evil will get the expression it’s been craving for years as she’s up for the role of the Evil Queen in the forthcoming Tarsem Singh production of The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. The details haven’t been worked out just yet – there’s a whole complicated financial wrangle to sort out but the role’s there if she wants it.

While there are several hundred Snow White/Fairytale stories in the works, the prospect of Julia Roberts unleashing her inner nasty one is an intriguing one. Didn’t she say once in Pretty Woman “I want the fairy tale”? – Well, careful what you wish for…