Julian Assange To Appear In Simpson’s 500th Episode

Baron Von Wikileaks (aka Julian Assange) has been officially revealed as the guest star in The Simpson’s 500th anniversary episode.

He may still be under house arrest in the UK, but that has not stopped the silver-haired activist from making his Simpson’s debut and joining the likes of Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.

In true Assange style, the lines for his yellow-skinned Simpson alter-ego were recorded from a secret location, after Matt Groening heard that he was keen to appear on the show.

In the episode, which will air on February 19 in the US, Homer and Marge hear that Springfield residents have been holding secret meetings to evict their trouble-making family from the town. “The Simpsons go off the grid to this very rugged place where they meet [Assange], who’s sort of their new Flanders,â€? said Al Jean, executive producer of the show.

However, aside from being their new next door neighbour, the similarities between Flanders and Assange end there. When the Simpsons are invited to watch a home movie with Assange they find themselves watching an Afghan wedding being bombed.

“He’s a controversial figure, and there’s a good reason he’s controversial,â€? Jean added.

“There was discussion internally whether or not to have him on the show, but ultimately we went ahead and did it.â€?

You can also catch Julian Assange when he appears in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday to appeal extradition to Sweden over sex crime allegations. Busy guy.