‘Just A Minute: The TV Show’ ..Third Time Lucky?

Radio 4 comedy institution and maker of merriment for over 45 years, Just A Minute, is to be turned into a TV quiz show.

And thank god, the legendary Nicholas Parsons, 88, who has been hosting since its launch in 1967, will not be ousted as host by the likes of some ankle-biting wannabe (mentioning no names, Jack Whitehall).

Ten episodes will be broadcast over two weeks early next year to celebrate JAM’s 45 year anniversary. Initially filling a daytime slot on BBC2, the show could become a regular fixture if it makes a successful leap from radio-waves to TV.

The show has already clocked up two unsuccessful attempts at capturing the hearts of TV audiences. Back in the nineties two series were made for both the BBC and ITV, but both flopped in comparison with the radio version. An initial, and unsuccessful, attempt to bring the show to TV screens was made in 1969.

The show became a radio classic almost immediately after it launched, with regular guests including Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud and Peter Jones.

Some, including Mr Freud, stayed on for many years as a new generation of performers such as Paul Merton, Graham Norton and Stephen Fry joined.
Merton will be among the guests appearing on the TV show next year.

Rumoured to be invented by BBC producer Ian Messiter, whose Latin teacher punish used to punish pupils by making them talk on a given subject for 60 seconds, the JAM team will be punishing the public with their quick wit early next year.