Justin Lin To Adapt Chinglish

When you think of Justin Lin, you think of The Fast & Furious series – fast cars, sweaty (or in the cast of The Rock – extremely sweaty) men trading cornball one-liners and explosions. You might be surprised to know that there’s more to him than big rims and high-octane and he’s looking to expand his scope again with an adaptation of David Henry Hwang’s play Chinglish.

It’s the story of an American businessman who moves to China to puruse a lucrative contract for his family’s sign-making company. But while there, he finds that the language barriers are not so easily overcome. Interestingly, the film will be in both English and Mandarin, so the focus will presumably be on the cultural differences betweeen the nations.

First staged in Chicago, Chinglish has just finished a run on Broadway and is about to begin an international tour.

“As soon as I saw Chinglish on Broadway, I began to envision this smart and insightful cross-cultural comedy as a film,” Lin said to Variety.

Writer Hwang will be on board for the script adaptation and will act as co-producer. He seems more than happy to collaborate with Lin “I’ve loved Justin’s work ever since he burst on the scene with Better Luck Tomorrow and it feels very right to be collaborating with him on the movie version of my play.” He didn’t add, “I’m especially looking forward to the bit where The Rock will demolish down-town Beijing in a monster truck”.

No word on the shooting schedule as yet (Lin’s rather tied up with Fast Six and a few other projects) but this will hopefully kick off soon.