‘Kate Middleton Effect’ Means Made In Chelsea Is Heading To The US

What shows have managed to make a success across the pond? The Office? Check. Life on Mars? We’ll let you off with a slight pass. Made in Chelsea? Oh dear god… REALLY?

Well according to The Daily Telegraph, Made in Chelsea, a show that follows posh rahs and so-called entrepeuners around West London, has been tipped to be a hit for American audiences because of the so-called ‘Kate Middleton’ effect. We’re not sure how the future Queen is synonymous with acting like a complete prat on national television, but it apparently audiences may lap it. This is of course the country that has brought you Jersey Shore, and the show that started off the whole craze in the first place, Laguna Beach.

One of the stars of the show Amber Atherton told the paper: “I think it would go down well over there. Americans are obsessed with the British and they loved the royal wedding. They’d love us.â€?

Thanks Made in Chelsea. You’ve probably reinforced the stereotype the more British stereotype for American audiences for at least another fifty years. Hooray.