Kathryn Bigelow Plans Osama Bin Laden Movie

Osama_Bin_Laden300A film about attempts to kill Osama bin Laden is in being planned by Kathryn Bigelow.

The Oscar-winning director of Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker, has been planning a film about previous unsuccessful US Black Ops missions to kill the Al-Qaida leader.

Bigelow has been working with Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal to develop the story – provisionally titled Kill Bin Laden – which could easily include details of the 40-minute firefight in the Pakistan compound which led to Bin Laden’s death on Monday.

Variety has talked to sources close to Boal, and explains: “For him, the timing of Bin Laden’s death could hardly be better: had it come much later, making changes would have been a scramble, but it’s still late enough to maximise the movie’s timeliness.”

Boal, who used his experience as an embedded journalist with a bomb squad in Iraq to inform his script for The Hurt Locker, was meeting with actors for the project when the news was announced on Sunday.

Bigelow and Boal have declined to comment on the project since Bin-Laden’s death and could be deciding whether to go ahead with the project.