Katie Price Hits Out At ITV2

Katie Price – never one to tell a lie or exaggerate the truth for publicity which I am now facilitating by writing this article – is outraged that ITV2 are apparently refusing to promote the final season of her reality TV show. It is alleged that ITV2 have pulled all ads and promotions but executives are yet to respond to the allegations or proffer an explanation. The OTB theory? It’s a rubbish show.

The glamour model has made her dissatisfaction with the network known via her Twitter page.

She wrote: “Don’t forgot my show on tonight 9pm itv2,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m telling you as itv2 don’t advertise it 🙁 (sic)”

When asked by a fan last month about the fiasco she said: “ITV2 WON’T advertise as my last show with them not good on their side very un pro.â€?

It is unclear at this stage if anyone in the world cares but it is suspected they don’t.