Katie Price Makes Criminal TV

Katie Price has confessed that she is obsessed with serial killers and is in talks with TV bosses to make a new series interviewing Britain’s worst criminals.

In a story that wouldn’t look out of place on April 1st, Price, aka Jordan, has admitted that she would also love to become penpals with a ‘twisted’ prisoner, and that she reads about serial killers to ‘relax’.

The model also spoke of her desire when she was younger to become a police detective and that she still dreams of a career as Miss Maple. Er, no comment.

“I’m obsessed,” Price told The Sun. “Just fascinated by it all. Harold Shipman, Dennis Nilsen, Ted Bundy and Rose and Fred West, I’ve read about them in detail – really sick, true crime.

“I just love the idea of finding out what happened in their past to make them do what they did. It’s how I relax at the end of a day. My dream is to go to really dark prisons where you see rapists, paedophiles, Hannibal Lecters, murderers and get inside their brain.” added Price, who seems to be under the impression that there are no light-bulbs in jail.

“I’d love to be a detective – that would be my dream job – and autopsies, anything about that. I’d like to go to a murder scene and try to work out what’s happened. I actually looked into how to be a detective once, but you have to join the police first.

“For now, I’ll make do with making a TV series interviewing Britain’s worst criminals. I’m in talks about it at the moment. When I’m not reading about killers, I’m watching thrillers and horror films, things that really play on my mind. Last night I stayed up late watching 24 Hours In A&E. I suppose it all makes me feel better about my own life – it makes me feel lucky.”