Katie Waissel Defends X Factor Kitty

When Kitty Brucknell arrived on X Factor a couple of weeks back, the comparisons between her and Katie Waissel were immediate. But Waissel has leapt to the defence of this year’s marmite contestant by urging the public not to judge her too soon and explaining that she doesn’t trust the show’s editing.

Brucknell rubbed some viewers up the wrong way by sitting on the edge of the stage and appearing over-confident after performing Lady Gaga’s ‘On The Edge Of Glory’ and was immediately dubbed ‘this year’s Waissel’.

But if anyone understands the pressure of dividing public opinion then it’s Waissel and she spoke up for Kitty this week: “I can’t judge anyone because of the way performances are edited, I don’t believe a thing I see. People should be judged on their voices over personalities.” she explained.

“Kitty has a great voice but we’re judging a girl we don’t know after seeing her for five minutes on TV.

“I feel sorry for her. I hope she has the belief in herself to realise it’s a wonderful opportunity. Don’t let them get you down.” She added that Kitty’s behaviour might not be how she is in real life, saying: “How do you not know the producers didn’t tell her to do all of that?

“I went through so much on that show which not only affected me but my family. Kitty is only 26 and people must understand that.”