Katy Perry In X Factor Talks With A Red-Faced Cowell

She's got the X Factor alright

Despite Kelly Rowland’s “dog gawnâ€? attempts to win over the British public with Americanisms, it has emerged that she is in danger of losing her X Factor panel spot to a lady with blue hair.

Sources claim it is “95% unlikelyâ€? that she will return. For those of you who aren’t good at maths, that amounts to a 5% chance of return.

With auditions due to begin in two weeks, word on the street is that Katy Perry will be taking Rowland’s place.

To be fair to the old girl, she did get rather homesick last year and, despite her best efforts, many viewers did not feel the X-connection. “Kelly was great in the auditions, but when she joined the live shows it just seemed that she didn’t really relax and enjoy herself,â€? a source told the Daily Mail. “And to be honest, she wasn’t that popular with viewers. Hopefully, Katy Perry will have some kind of role on the series.â€?

Our Katy has already made a cameo appearance on the show when she guest judged for series seven (aka The Year of Matt Cardle) and was a hit with viewers.

Simon Cowell is now rumoured to be holding talks with the California Girls star about joining the show. If Perry does make the cut, she will be joining Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh as the two judges already confirmed for next series.

We’re sure the mogul will be busying himself with his career over the next few weeks, attempting to bury his red face amongst café-frappe-lattes and paperwork instead of facing the media again over allegations of rompy pompy made in his “unauthorisedâ€? biography by Tom Bowers.

He has already publicly apologised for the indiscretions concerning Dannii Minogue revealed in Bowers’ book. He said: “I want to publicly apologise to anybody I embarrassed because I have tried to keep my private life quiet.

“I do have to apologise to certain people and certain members of my family. That’s the score. I will be honest with you, I spent last week under a pillow in my bedroom.â€?

Stop man! We have heard enough about your bedroom habits to last us a lifetime.

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