Kevin Costner To Adopt Superman?

costner300Kevin Costner is the latest name to be circling the Zack Snyder directed reboot of Superman, which makes a nice change because up until now, all the frantic web chatter which has so far only focused upon the film’s female roles..

With the recent announcement that Henry Cavill has been bestowed the gleaming cape, talk has been gathering over who will be co-starring in the Christopher Nolan produced comic book adaptation.

With a homely American charm that harks back to Oscar baited films such as Dances With Wolves, Kevin Costner is a likely suspect to be up for the role of Daddy Kent, but until the boring paper work is out of the way it is but a mere rumour.

Regardless, Officials have stated their heightened interest in Costner taking a ‘key role’, so it is an obvious assumption he will be leading Clark Kent in the ways of Smallville farming.