Kevin “That Bloke Off..” Eldon Finally Gets BBC Sketch Show

The Don of small parts in British Comedy, Kevin Eldon has landed himself a sketch show on BBC Two, titled It’s Kevin with Kevin Eldon. Audiences may be familiar with the comic from his prolific work on British TV comedy (you may know him as the laughing lift racist in I’m Alan Partridge), having featured in Brass Eye, Smack the Pony, Hot Fuzz, and zombie-comedy Dead Set.

Making a break from his status as “that guyâ€?, the six episode comedy series will be a mix of sketches, songs and guest appearances, and is being brought to BBC Two by the team responsible for the excellent Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, in which Kevin Eldon featured, naturally.

With a date for broadcast being put around the start of next year, it’s exciting news for fans of Eldon. With such an expansive comedy CV, and having played such a wealth of roles, a sketch show seems the ideal platform for the performer.

We can look forward to such sketches as “A Fictional Northern Manâ€?, “Wendy Wilson’s White Coat Window On The World Of World Wide Wondersâ€?, and “The Incredible Moose Humanâ€?.

For those less familiar with Kevin Eldon’s many, many roles, they can sip from his weak lemon drink here..

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