Kids Have Outgrown Outnumbered

BBC’s award-winning sitcom Outnumbered may soon be coming to an end. The show’s fourteen year-old star Tyger Drew-Honey has suggested that after this year’s Christmas special, the show will not be returning for another run.

“I think they don’t want to dive in this year and do a whole series because it might not work with the kids getting olderâ€? he said. When the show began back in 2007, Ramona Marquez who plays Karen was just six years of age, Daniel Roche who plays Ben was seven and Tyger was ten.

Fans of the sitcom need not despair completely; after this year’s festive airing, there is said to be a Comic Relief special and a further Christmas episode next year. If these prove just as popular, programme-makers may consider reviving the series once the kids have entered ‘big school’.

Here’s hoping that when the Brockmans return they might be little taller, but just as entertaining.