Kim Kardashian For Corrie?

Kim practices for her audition..
Weatherfield has seen its fair share of stroppy battle-axes in its 50 years on air, but even producers who witnessed a proper tongue-lashing from Bet Lynch won’t be prepared for the kind of hissy fit that Kim Kardashian will throw if she doesn’t get a cameo spot on Coronation Street.

The American star is thought to be a big fan of the show and has asked “a top US movie producer who works in London” to see if he can pull some strings.

“Kim was really impressed with British TV – especially Coronation Street and EastEnders,” a source told The Sun. “After watching an episode of Corrie she tried to mimic the northern accent. She’d love a cameo just so she could sneak around the set.”

Kardashian is hardly known for her acting skills, but in fairness her life closely resembles some sort of ridiculously offensive soap opera so she should be alright.

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