Kirkman ‘Surprised’ By Walking Dead Success

Creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman has admitted that he is surprised by how popular the TV adaptation of Frank Darabont’s comic book series has been so far.

The first season broke AMC records for ratings and there was no hesitation from the network in ordering a second run.

“I had no clue that so many people would like it and it would be such a big hit,â€? he said to the LA Times. “When I found out that [the ratings were] pretty good, I was really excited. It really blew me away.â€?

Even though he thought the show was good, Kirkman admits that you can never predict how successful something will prove to be.

“Oftentimes, good material doesn’t necessarily translate into successful material… There are a lot of great television shows that struggles with ratings and eventually get cancelled, despite the fact that they’re absolutely amazing.â€?

You can catch the first season of The Walking Dead on Five at the moment, and the second season is due in late 2011.