Kristen Stewart Offered Role In Akira

Kristen Stewart will be hanging up her fangs to star in Snow White And The Hunstmen but she’s also just been offered a prominent role in the adaptation of seminal anime Akira.

The film’s had a long and turbulent ride to the screen with a multitude of stars, writers and directors on board. Now it looks like it’ll see Garret Hedlund as bike gang leader Kaneda who witnesses his best friend Tetsuo captured by the goverment and experimented on to unleash a devestating psychic potential which may end up destroying Neo Tokyo.

Stewart has been offered the role of Kei, a young medium who falls for Kaneda. If she accepts, she’ll likely be joining Helena Bonham Carter and Gary Oldman who also have deals on the table.

It’s probably a good choice for Stewart if she accepts. It’ll help break her growing typecast and broaden her appeal to a non-Twilight audience – as there seems to be a visible divide between those who are obsessed with Twlight and those who avoid it like the plague.