Kristen Wiig Gets Imogene In Production (Finally!)

wiig210Kristen Wiig’s been trying to get comedy drama Imogene off the ground for more than two years. Well, after starring in Bridesmaids (now the sixth highest grossing comedy of all time), things just got a whole lot easier, with Variety reporting that shooting will begin in August.

Wiig willl take the lead role as a playwright who tries to win back her ex-boyfriend by pretending to commit suicide. Unforunately that backfires and she ends up in the custody of her mother who just so happens to be a gambling addict.

Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini will be directing the proceedings which is good news as they directed the cracking American Splendour. Trudie Styler’s (that’s Mrs Sting to most people) newly formed company Maven Pictures will be producing.

“We’re incredibly grateful to be working with Kristen, Shari, Bob and the extraordinary team on Imogene, Maven’s first feature project,” said Styler. “Imogene has every element we were looking for: strong writing, remarkable directing talent, a movie star we believe in, a New York setting, and commercial appeal. This exemplifies all the key elements of our vision for Maven’s future slate.”