Lady Gaga For Simpsons Cameo

She’s already dominated the world of pop music, but now Lady Gaga is set to extend her fan base into the yellow-tinted suburbs of Springfield.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady G) will be made into her very own Simpson when she makes her cartoon debut later in the year. In fact, Gaga has already been featured in the cartoon series but this will be her first personal appearance as a yellow-faced Simpsonite.

Early indications suggest that the 26-year-old pop goddess will feature in a story about Lisa Simpson and her eternal struggle with the concept of “popularityâ€?. We were rather hoping the episode might feature Homer as a video extra in Born This Way…or perhaps Marge’s hair could serve as a giant egg surrogate, out of which Gaga would emerge midway through the episode.

The Pokerface singer is currently setting out on a world tour, starting off with Seoul Olympic Stadium in South Korea.

Gaga is renowned for her provocative approach to costumery, regularly donning as small a quantity of leather as she can possibly get away with; whether the Simpsons incarnation will be similarly clad remains to be seen.

One person who will certainly be hoping for a respectful approach to dress is the Indonesia Ulema Council leader Amidhan – presuming he is a fan of the show. He has recently expressed his concern about the prospect of Gaga and her crazy outfits in the Muslim countries she plans to tour. “I call on Lady Gaga to respect our cultural and traditional values. Most people here are Muslims and we cannot tolerate her revealing outfits and sexy performances, he said.

“It’s better for Lady Gaga to cancel her show in this country if she has no willingness to respect our demand. Please do not destroy our nation’s morality and ruin our dignity.”

Morality? Dignity? The Americans shouldn’t have any issues with a scantily-clad Gaga sketch.

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