Lars Von Trier To Film The Nymphomaniac

lars300We’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lars Von Trier’s new “psychological sci-fi disaster movie” Melancholia, which has finished shooting and is awaiting release. For his next trick, he’ll apparently be working on a new film called The Nymphomaniac.

It was one of two projects that he was musing on, the other being, the sumptuously titled Dirt In Bedsores. It’s possible that Von Trier could be having a laugh at us all (it has been known) but then again, neither film sounds implausible. He describes The Nymphomaniac as “a film about a woman’s erotic birth; a woman who discovers her eroticism.”

Given that Von Trier has long been accused of misogyny after what he subjects his female leads to (go rent Dogville if you haven’t seen it, it’s disturbing but brilliant masterpiece), we’re sure that The Nymphomaniac is going to be anything but pleasant. In fact, the only woman to work with him twice in the lead is Charlotte Gainsbourg (for his last project, the critically polarisingAntichrist and for the forthcoming Melancholia), so it’s possible she might have the stomach for a third.

Melancholia meanwhile is about two sisters (Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg) who have different methods of coping when the earth is about to be crushed by a newly discovered planet. Sounds mental – we can’t wait.