Le Week-End

Le Week-End marks the latest collaboration between Roger Michell, his long-standing writing partner Hanif Kureishi and producer Kevin Loader (the trio also worked on Venus, The Mother and TV’s The Buddha of Suburbia).

A married couple (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan) revisit Paris to revitalise their marriage, and run into an old friend (Jeff Goldblum) who acts as a catalyst for things to come.

Le Week-End is a funny and poignant story about the nature of love and commitment where husband and wife yearn to recapture their youthful fearlessness, lack of responsibility and idealism.

Meg feels she deserves a better life, but at crucial moments we see how insecure and bereft Meg would be without her husband Nick.

Le Week-End is a delicious portrait of a marriage with all the sensitive imperfections of a life of partnership; it’s also a weekend when Nick gets to sing out loud Like a Rolling Stone in his underwear…

Le Week-End is out in the UK on the 11th October.