“Leave Off The Bankers” Says Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar took the opportunity to speak out against the recent trend of ‘banker-basing’ this morning and called on British youth to realise that the current ‘fast-buck culture’ is skewing their business perceptions.

Speaking at a screening for the first episode of the eighth series of his business talent show The Apprentice (meet the new contestants here..) Sugar explained that politicians had conned us into blaming the bankers.

“With the greatest respect to people on the side of the Government, and the opposition, they should stop talking nonsense about banker-bashing and banks not helping people,” he explained.

“No bank will give a bunch of wannabes or no-hopers money like (The Apprentice). No bank will give a bunch of wannabes money like [The Apprentice]. You take your own money and you learn how to do it yourself.”

When asked how this trend began, Sugar explained that politicians have been too glad to pass the buck as the economy slows down.

“The easiest way to support the public, who are suffering at the moment, is to point to people who are not suffering. To say, look at them, they’re horrible people, they’re not like us. But it’s wrong and totally political,” he said.

“A bank should not lend and will not lend to a no-hope and a loser. People with a seed of an idea, who may not be a loser, but have no experience or capital… they need people like me, venture capitalists. People who see something, take some equity and are willing to take a risk.

“If people are willing to put up their house, they may get some money. But they turn around and say, ‘How disgusting of the bank to ask me to take a risk?’ That’s the issue we have. On one hand the banks acted very irresponsibly, but now they are acting sensibly and we’re still moaning.”

Perhaps it’s because we tax payers saved them by bailing them out and they won’t lend any of that money back to us?