‘Legal Wrangle’ Costs Show Me The Funny 1.4 Million Viewers

It was a case of ‘Show Me The Dummy’ on Monday as Jason Mansford’s new programme provided little for ITV bosses to laugh about in terms of ratings.

Nearly four million people started watching, but the ITV reality programme managed to bore 1.4 million people enough to make them switch over after the series had kicked-off, the final viewing figure tally for the prime time show was a lacklustre 2.2million. Manford blamed the poor ratings on a legal wrangle which forced him to cut his intended ten-minute stand-up slots at the beginning of the talent show.

It appears that the issue is no laughing matter for ITV, with the funny man’s current batch of jokes being owned by Universal Pictures who are planning to launch his second DVD in November in time for Christmas.

“They edited all my bits out. It’s all very complicated.” said the 30-year-old. “I’ve got a DVD coming out and I’m on tour, and a certain production company owns my sets.”

The former One Show host continued: “I was basically the warm-up man before the proper comics. I could have given it the whole ego thing, got the agent to ring them, say, ‘Why didn’t you put some of my jokes on?’ But it’s not about me.”

Judged by comedy critic Kate Copstick and QI panellist Alan Davies, the show sees ten wannabe stand-ups battle it out to scoop a mighty £100,000, the same as Britain’s Got Talent. Will the series turn out to be as profitable for the broadcaster? You must be joking.