Liam Neeson Confirms Taken 2

neeson210Unknown was a sort of rubbish Taken 1.5, so it’s not a massive surprise that Liam Neeson has signed on the line for Taken 2 where he’ll no doubt be breaking more foreigners’ limbs than an extreme sports festival.

It’s a sequel which has been in the works ever since Taken was a surprise hit at the box office netting $200m off of a budget of just $25m.

Neeson’s been busy of late, confusing audiences with his peculiar accent in Unknown and The Next Three Days and filming parts for The Hangover Part II and The Grey. He’s vowed to take a bit of a break after Clash Of The Titans sequel Wrath Of The Titans gets wrapped up which producer Luc Besson didn’t take too kindly to – he reportedly considered replacements for Neeson in the shape of Sean Bean, Mickey Rourke, Ralph Fiennes, Ray Winstone and Jason Isaacs.

A deal’s been struck for a 2012 filming date so we won’t have to watch Ray Winstone wheezing after bad guys any time soon. The director will be Olivier Megaton who helmed Besson’s Transporter 3, and will be replacing Pierre Morel.

There are no details on the reason for Neeson’s inevitable killing spree – maybe some guy with a beard looks at him in a funny way…