Liev Shreiber Goes Mental

liev210No, Spell checker’s nightmare Liev Shrieber isn’t having a nervous breakdown, he’s signed on to PJ Hogan’s next film Mental.

The film will see Shaz, a headstrong but off the wall hitchhiker (Toni Collette) employed as a nanny to a sleazy politician’s five girls after his philandering ways leave his wife in the hospital when she can no longer cope with his many affairs. Conflict will no doubt ensue. It’s not definite but Shreiber looks like he’ll be playing the scumbag politician. He’ll have no shortage of real-life inspiration…

Speaking to Variety, writer/director PJ said, “Like Muriel’s Wedding, Mental is a comedy laced with pain and brimming with flawed but lovable characters. Shaz is hilarious, outrageous, dangerous, courageous, inspiring, heart-breaking and totally, totally mad.”

It’ll be the first time Colette and Hogan have worked together since Muriel’s Wedding in 1994.

Let’s just hope the subject material is handling with a little bit of skill. The last thing you want is a “kerrrraaazy” leading lady – laughs would not be forthcoming. But saying that Muriel’s Wedding was very decent, so it’s probably in good hands.

Shooting kicked off in Austrailia yesterday.