Life’s Too Short Renewed

Ricky Gervais has confirmed that his embattled sitcom Life’s Too Short will be returning for a new series in 2013.

The comedy about the life of a mini-Brent, played by Warwick Davies, concluded this week but hasn’t performed as well as BBC bosses expected and some have raised questions about whether the programme is exploitative. The debate over whether it is offensive is still going on, but the debate about whether it is any good was settled some weeks ago. (Apparently it’s not)

The series debuted to an audience of 2.39 million viewers, but ratings have declined steadily with less than a million tuning in for the fifth episode on 9th December. As such, it seems that Gervais and Merchant might be using up some of the stock they built up with the Beeb with The Office and Extras in getting the show recommissioned.

Gervais broke the news on Twitter, but remained silent about rumours of a new C4 show called Derek. “”FAQ Second Series of Life’s Too Short Planned for spring 2013 An Idiot Abroad Special: The Short Way Round planned for end of 2012 (sic)”, he wrote.

Gervais is due to host his third Golden Globes ceremony on 15th January.