Lionsgate Want More Cubes

Cube210Not that we’re ones to accuse Lionsgate of thinking inside the box… but well, they’re inviting pitches for a new version of the horror series Cube and this time it’ll be in 3D.

The original was a low-budget suspense packed thriller about a group of people trapped in a massive cube that contained an unknown number of rooms, most of which were full of inventively nasty traps. The key was to work out which rooms were the safe ones and which were deadly.

It was directed by Vincenzo Natali who went on to bigger and better things with Splice and will be taking the helm for the hugely anticipated Neuromancer.

All successful films have sequels and Cube was no exception, followed by the rather dire Hypercube and woeful Cube Zero, so fans of the original might be interested in the direction a new version might take.

No one’s attached yet but Lionsgate are actively soliciting directors. Get going amateurs!