Little Mix-ing It Up

Have you heard Little Mix’s new single? No, me neither. The release of “DNA” – or as it should read: Do Not Resuscitate – has led to the band sniping at fellow soon-to-be eX Factor contestant Christopher Maloney in a desperate attempt to raise their profile.

Talking to The Sun, Jesy Nelson faked sympathy for Maloney’s mentor Gary Barlow: “Poor Gary, clinging on to ‘Ma-phoney’,” she said, before clarifying: “We’re not fans.

On Saturday’s live show, the Liverpudlian had to deny that he was voting for himself in order to stay in the competition. The denial came after there had been reports earlier in the week that he had been making repeated calls to his own voting line.

After releasing Cannonball, but disappointingly not curvaceous band member Jessica “Jesy” Nelson, Little Mix are hoping to prove that they aren’t just a Damien Rice cover band…so a manufactured pop spat makes total sense.