Live Feed Returns To Big Brother.. (Sort Of)

You nearly crashed our servers with comments about what a bunch of idiots Channel 5 were when they cut the live feed from last summer’s inaugural Big Brother, so we’re glad to be able to bring you news that there WILL be one this time. After a fashion..

Rather than the 24 hour stream that most of you were calling for, this ‘live feed’ will be limited to regular hour-long sessions on sister channel 5* following eviction shows. So no 24-hour stream then..

Channel 5 trialled the system in January’s Celebrity Big Brother and have decided to keep it going for the new series although they seem determined not to reinstate the live feed which fans apparently loved.

“Live feed is back after every live show,” said the show’s host Brian Dowling. “There will be an hour on 5*. We did that in January and it worked. When we did live celeb nominations I think over a million watched, which was record-breaking for 5*.

“I think people realised then that there really was an interest in live feed.” he understated.

Big Brother returns for a 13th series on Tuesday, June 5 at 9pm on Channel 5.


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