Louis Walsh Calls Cher A Monster

Current X Factor judge Louis Walsh has criticised previous contestant Cher Lloyd’s attitude, accusing the singer of turning into a ‘monster’.

Lloyd, who recently hit the number one spot in the UK chart with ear-bleeder Swagger Jagger, faced the wrath of Walsh after the judge described the talent of the girls this year as being “on a different level”.

When asked about the previous contestant, he said: “Cher Lloyd and me are like oil and water. I just didn’t like her attitude backstage. It was like she thought she was a pop star. She got very big for her boots and had no likeability factor. She’s the kind of person who could turn into a monster and the people around her are too frightened to tell her so.”

Speaking in an interview with Heat magazine, the Irishman also laid into previous judge Cheryl Cole, accusing the Girls Aloud singer of not working hard enough for her American dream.

“I think if you go and do the X Factor in America you’ve got to be prepared to really work and you have to play the game and work the room and wear all the right clothes and do all the right things.” he bitched, obviously having a dig at Cole being compared to Daphne from Scooby Doo because of her choice of attire at the X Factor USA launch.

Walsh continued his rant: “I don’t think Cheryl did that. I don’t think she was in the right place to do that. She wasn’t up to it. You have to know what you’re getting into – America is like another planet.”

When asked about whether the Newcastle-born lass should make an appearance on the talent show this series, he said: “I think Cheryl should be on The X Factor with a new single but that’s it. I think she did her TV stint, it’s done. With Dannii Minogue and Cheryl, it was about the look and the fashion but this is a different X Factor.”

When pushed on Cheryl’s personal life and the pair’s friendship, Walsh said that they “still text now and then”. “I think she’s gonna be happy with her life now.” he said. “I think Ashley is the love of her life. You only live one life, so you’ve got to be happy.”

X Factor continues this Saturday on ITV1 at 8pm.