Louis Walsh To Return For X Factor 2012

Louis Walsh fans can now sleep soundly – the Irish mentor will be returning to the judging panel next year.

Simon Cowell, dark overlord of the reality competition, has offered the former boyband manager the princely sum of £1m to keep him on the panel in 2012. We think the Irish judge might be hoping for a different category after being lumbered with the Over-25s for a couple of years straight.

Despite Walsh’s earlier threats that he might quit the show because it has got too “boringâ€? and some viewers suggesting he was “past itâ€? – we’re guessing an offer like that will help him rise above the criticism and the boredom.

But as king of suspense, Cowell, is dragging out the anguish for Louis’ fellow panel members; none of the other judges have yet been offered a new contract.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Louis is the only judge who has been verbally offered a deal. Despite all the reports that he has been sacked, he is 100 per cent nailed on to be back – if he wants the job.â€?

But all this judge favouritism can’t be going down well with Gary, Kelly and Tulisa who all possess sizeable egos.

The insider continued: “Simon trusts Louis. There’s no way he’d get rid of him. Gary, Tulisa and Kelly are really put out. They aren’t guaranteed a return, but Louis can plan for the next series if he wants to.â€?

Reports suggest that the other judges will have to ‘sweat it out’ for up to five months to find out if they are to be asked back onto the panel.

Ooh he is nasty isn’t he.