Lovable Rogues In BGT Fix Storm

Everyone knows that it’s not a proper series of BGT if a nice FFIIIIXXX! news story doesn’t crop up at one point and this year’s has finally arrived. And not before time..

If The Sun is to be believed*, then the act that has been hand-picked to reach the final and win the competition by Darth Cowell is Lovable Rogues, the popular musical trio who won the semi-final on Tuesday night and were subsequently snapped after scoffing a bit too much whisky at some launch event.

Apparently the group were fast-tracked through the audition process after the show’s talent scouts spotted them on YouTube.

“Yes, we did get approached,â€? said one of the band, while another added. “The audition in front of the judges was the first we’d done.â€?

Cowell praised them to the rafters on Tuesday night and it seems he will sign them no matter whether they win the final on Saturday, but a BGT spokesperson refused to be drawn on the situation last night.

“We let people know about auditions in lots of ways,” they murmured. “All acts are auditioned on their merits.â€?

*Yeah we know..

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