Lucy Liu To Play Watson In ‘US Sherlock’

The enduring appeal of iconic literary detective Sherlock Holmes has inspired countless TV specials, numerous films and, most recently, a hugely successful (understatement?) BBC series.

Frankly, January’s news of a U.S. re-imagining of the obsessive detective came as no real surprise.

But their approach to casting the series, Elementary, is certainly likely to raise the eyebrows of any hardcore Holmes-lovers.

According to, Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels), has been cast as Dr. Watson in the forthcoming pilot.

Apparently, the character of Holmes in Elementary will be a former consultant to Scotland Yard whose addiction problems landed him in a rehabilitation centre in New York.

Having completed his rehab stint, Holmes moves in with “sober companion” Joan Watson, a former surgeon who lost her licence following the death of a death of a patient, and consults for the NYPD.

Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) has already been announced as the legendary violin-playing/conundrum-solving detective.

Elementary is written by Robert Doherty and directed by Homeland/24 visionary, Michael Cuesta.