Luke Evans To Join Fast Six As A Villain

Following rumours last week that he was thinking about taking a role in Fast Six, things have progressed rather rapidly and he’s now in negotiations to play the big bad.

No details at the moment but it’ll see the returning cast of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordan Brewster teaming up once again to pull off a daring heist. You would have thought that by now, their names and descriptions would have been circulated to every law enforcement agency the world over. Anyway, this time they’ll have some competition from another group of thieves and Luke Evans will be the man leading them.

And of course The Rock will be in hot pursuit and Gina Carano will be tagging along for the ride.

The role of the villain was initially offered to Jason Statham but Evans is now the man to watch. Hopefully, it’ll be a role he can get his teeth into. Recently he’s been the best thing about a series of terrible films including the limp Edgar Allan Poe flick The Raven, godawful swashbuckler The Three Musketeers and stylistic but empty sword and sandals adventure Immortals. There’s talent in there, he just needs the right vehicle.

His next role will be Bard The Bowman in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which will hit out screens on December 14.