Lulu and Annie Lennox To Save ‘The Voice’?

With The Voice being slammed from every direction, BBC execs are scrambling to rescue the beleaguered singing competition by signing up new coaches, with names like Lulu and Annie Lennox being touted around.

Amid rumours of Jessie J’s “divaâ€? behaviour, (apparently, she snubbed BBC 1 controller Danny Cohen when he came to congratulate her, leaving him standing outside her dressing room) and doubts concerning the experience of Danny and, BBC bosses might be looking to recruit some more mature talent to coach the contestants.

Following from the success of Tom Jones, who’s protégé Leanne Mitchell won the competition, The Daily Mail reports that Annie Lennox and Lulu are candidates.

Lennox may prove a difficult catch, having previously branded talent shows such as The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (and presumably The Voice) as “dangerous and cruelâ€?, adding that “There’s no chance I’d ever be a judge.â€?

However, things may be different this time around, the BBC’s partner with The Voice is Universal, the record label that Lennox is signed to. Pressure from Universal may change her tune and see her appear as a coach, although this seems to sweet dreams on The Voice’s part.

Lulu is seen as the safer bet – she was a front runner for the first season, until she was pipped to the post by Jessie J. Unlike Lennox, Lulu is talent show friendly, having appeared as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, and a judge on Just the Two of Us.

It’s still early days, and much could change, but this focus on older talent on a prime time show is a clear shift in direction for the BBC, which has been criticized in the past for age discrimination. Replacing Arlene Phillips with Alesha Dixon as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing proved controversial for the Beeb, with the matter eventually being raised in the House of Commons by Harriet Harman.

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