Madonna is annoying Piers Morgan

After banning Madonna from his chat show, Piers Morgan say he will stand by his decision because the pop superstar is “annoyingâ€?.

Being interviewed on Conan, he described the singer’s British accent as “terribleâ€?, and compared her to Lady Gaga saying that “she’s [Gaga] like Madonna but only half her age, twice as talented better looking, more creative.â€?

That wasn’t all the former Mirror editor has to say on the subject, saying, “she’s just so bloody annoying isn’t she?â€? before recounting an awkward meeting with Madonna at the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party on Sunday.

“Bear in mind that when I came out with my Madonna ban, I’d known her like 25 years. Her publicist put out a statement saying, ‘Madonna has never heard of Piers Morgan.’â€?

“This moment came at the Vanity Fair party where, in Madonna walks wearing clothes befitting a 17-year-old… It was just really awkward. I think she brought, Jesus, the 20-year-old boyfriend… Everything was awkward about this moment.â€?

“Of course, she wasn’t able to recognise me because she’s already stated that she doesn’t know who I am. So we had this kind of stand-off where I was going, ‘You’re banned’ and she was looking at me going, ‘I’m pretending not to know who you are’… She’s ghastly.â€?

Sounds like Piers is definitely going out of his way to make friends in America, then.