Malcolm McDowell To Star In Silent Night, Deadly Night Remake

Anchor Bay are poised to make a whole new generation of children fear Santa Claus as they’ve just picked up the rights to Tri-Star’s classic horror Silent Night, Deadly Night.  The modern interpretation, simply called Silent Night will be loosely based on the original.

The new version has been written by Jayson Rothwell (who also penned Danny Dyer’s Malice In Wonderland) and will be directed by Steven C. Miller .  While neither of those tow are heavy hitters, the presence of Malcolm McDowell  as Sheriff Cooper does raise some eyebrows.

The original was the story of an orphan boy who witnesses his parents brutally murdered at the hands of a man in a santa outfit.  Abused at a Catholic orphanage he eventually takes on the persona of the murderer and goes on his own killing spree.   While Silent Night, Deadly Night has a cult following, its follow up has become even more notorious for its protagonists wild eye-brows and strange delivery.  Seriously, check it out: