Mark Owen To Sign For The Voice?

So the good ship X Factor may be straining under the weight of its Cocozza cargo as it slowly sinks beneath waves of criticism, but it looks like the HMS BBC will sail in to deliver the killer blow…

The Voice, the friendlier cousin of ITV’s long-running talent show, will launch on the Beeb next year and is now luring in its own essential Take That judge, Mark Owen.

The singer is reported to have been offered a deal by the BBC to appear on the show, which has been a big hit in the US with Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green on board.

The British version has already signed Jessie J as a big-name judge/mentor/fashionista, but bosses now have their sights set on some of their very own Take That totty.

An insider told The Daily Star Sunday: “Getting Mark to sign up would be a huge scoop for The Voice. Gary has been a big hit on The X Factor and Beeb bosses love the idea of getting one of his bandmates to go head-to-head against him on a rival show. Ideally producers want a huge international name but they also want a home-grown megastar.”

“Although Jessie J is big right now, she’s relatively new. Mark is perfect because he’s not only had a hugely successful 20-year career, he’s also relevant now. And signing him up to be a rival to Gary is even more of an incentive.”

Kylie Minogue had been mooted as a judge, but was ruled out because the corporation reportedly couldn’t afford the amount she was asking for.
Now we understand why X-Factor opted for Danni back in 2007!

If Owen does the take the job he is likely to put a certain fellow band member’s nose out of joint. At least we know that the group aren’t likely to split, reform and then split again because of a silly little tiff….