Mark Ruffalo To Join John Carney’s Latest

One of his last big screen adventures saw him striding through the grounds of a mental institution alongside Leo D, but the tough, grough Mr Ruffalo is set to join the cast of  John Carney’s Can A Song Save Your Life?

The film tells the story of a young female singer who moves to New York in a bid to launch her singing career.

But when her boyfriend dumps her, her life suddenly takes a turn for the better when a down-on-his-luck record producer discovers her and helps her succeed even as they fall in love.

The film, directed by Once director, Carney,  will provide an emotional reunion-type backdrop for Ruffalo to get reacquainted with his Avengers co-star, Scarlett Johansson. Johansson will play the song bird while Ruffalo is lined up for the music producer role.

But let’s not get carried away with the promise of a musical-romance, the Ruffa-hansson pair can be seen smashing their way onto screens, jetting across the sky and doing many other fantastical deeds from 27 April, when The Avengers arrives in a cinema near you.