Marshall: “Johnny Depp Is The New Humphrey Bogart”

depp210The award winning director of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film has proclaimed Johnny Depp to be one of the greatest movie stars of all time.

Rob Marshall, who also directed 9 and Chicago, believes that the Alice in Wonderland actor will long be remembered after his career ends, comparing him with greats such as Casablanca‘s Humphrey Bogart.

“He’s as vivid as those great stars of the past, Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable and Errol Flynn,” said Marshall. “Many, many, many years from now, when people look at this generation of Hollywood, he will be considered the great star of this era. He’s his own thing and he takes major chances every single time he makes a film.”

“He’s like a Rudolph Valentino. He has such a command of expression without words. The humour and the feelings he can convey with his face alone is extraordinary.”

Whilst no one will doubt the versatility and quirkiness that Depp has brought to roles throughout his career, perhaps it’s a little premature to consider him to be one of the all time greats, with the actor yet to land a film role that has the lasting impact of Casablanca or Gone With The Wind. Viewers of Rob Marshall’s other offerings will also question how qualified he is to make such a statement.

And it appears the director of the latest in the swashbuckling pirate series On Stranger Tides is so keen to work with the actor again that he’s already snapped him up for a remake of 1930s film The Thin Man.

Yet despite this praise, not to mention the success of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean at the box office, Depp has said that he is uncertain about returning for a fifth movie. OTB has a feeling that this might be down to some rather critical reviews.